When to call

Call us today 1-800-404-1133 for a confidential conversation on the options HospiceCare can provide you and your loved ones.


How do I know if it's time for hospice?

Making the decision to use HospiceCare can be daunting, but, rest assured, calling hospice does not mean you are giving up on life.  When providing comfort for someone with a life limiting illness or injury is the goal for patient care, we are here to assist you.

General Symptoms to watch for are:

Decline in overall physical/mental status

Weight loss in the last six months

Frequent hospitalizations or ER visits

Repeat infections (pneumonia, bronchitis, UTI’s)

Profound weakness or fatigue

Difficulty swallowing

Shortness of breath or chest pain at rest

Recurrent edema/swelling

History of cardiac arrest

Continuous use of oxygen

Uncontrolled pain or vomiting

Requires assistance with most activities of daily living - i.e. bathing, eating